Posted by: anipants | April 2, 2011

New stuffs :)

Hi Cubes :)

Just a couple of things to tell you about.

First, I’m in Pose Fair this year :)  If you haven’t been yet I totally suggest you go.  There are a ton of amazing poses out there!

This is the new set I made for the fair:

SM - Calamity Ani

SM - Calamity Ani

It comes with 8 poses and gun props positioned for each pose :)  I was feeling a little frisky lol

I also just sent out a group gift that I promised this weekend :)  I have so many pose ideas I am a bit overwhelmed and don’t even know where to start LOL  I promise I’ll get my shtuff together and roll those out to you guys asap.  I just can’t make up my mind which ones to finish first! lol

You guys are awesome and I thank you for playing with me and my silly poses :)

<3 Ani


  1. WooHooo Love the set <333 I will get to the Pose fair later tonight. Busy weekend!

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