Posted by: anipants | April 14, 2011

New Prop Set – CHIC Limited

Hi Cubes🙂

I am excited to be participating in the CHIC Limited event.  There are some beautiful creations available and most are Cherry Blossom themed🙂

I made a new set for the event, going on from April 16th – 30th.  It isn’t in my store yet and won’t be until after the event but I thought I’d give you a little sneak peek here🙂

SM - Cherry Blossoms

SM - Cherry Blossoms

It comes with 6 sculpted props & Poses.  The branches are menu driven and the flower props are wear to pose. 

It will be at a special price for the CHIC Limited event only.  After this event it will go up to it’s normal price🙂

Go and check it out, there are some awesome creations to be had!

❤ Ani

Posted by: anipants | April 6, 2011

Another new release today :)


I put out a new boxed set today.  It was a request from a friend long ago and well … I just now got it done LOL  Sound familiar from me?  Yeah, I procrastinate and can never stick to my original plan.  Tis’ me LOL

The name says it all lol

Hope you like them🙂

SM - Knocked Over

SM - Knocked Over


❤ Ani

Posted by: anipants | April 2, 2011

New stuffs :)

Hi Cubes🙂

Just a couple of things to tell you about.

First, I’m in Pose Fair this year :)  If you haven’t been yet I totally suggest you go.  There are a ton of amazing poses out there!

This is the new set I made for the fair:

SM - Calamity Ani

SM - Calamity Ani

It comes with 8 poses and gun props positioned for each pose :)  I was feeling a little frisky lol

I also just sent out a group gift that I promised this weekend :)  I have so many pose ideas I am a bit overwhelmed and don’t even know where to start LOL  I promise I’ll get my shtuff together and roll those out to you guys asap.  I just can’t make up my mind which ones to finish first! lol

You guys are awesome and I thank you for playing with me and my silly poses🙂

❤ Ani

Posted by: anipants | March 21, 2011

New Bigger Store :)

Hi Cubes🙂

Well it was inevitable that I get a bigger spot cause wow do I have too much stuff LOL

I am still hoping to get a bigger spot on MudHoney when she has the prims available, but for now I have a “Main” Store on Juicy Bomb🙂 (edit – Guess it might help if I gave you the LM lol)

It will be under construction for a couple of days but the building is already up and being filled.  Some of you may recognize it as my very first store on Gateaux😉

I’m still working on poses for the release and pose fair, that’s right I said pose fair!  Woo Hoo!  It will be opening up in April and I’ll be there :)  So I hope to see you all soon!  Come and visit me, I miss seeing your actual faces LOL

❤ Ani

Posted by: anipants | March 16, 2011

St. Patty’s

Hi Cubes🙂

I’m still here lol

I don’t plan on having anything new for St. Patrick’s Day this year, I’m working on 5 billion new sets for my “Welcome Back” release in April🙂

Sooo I just wanted to post a little reminder that I do have a set I made way back when that I still love and hope you do too :)  It is available at my shop in MudHoney.

SM - Over the Rainbow

Slide down the rainbow to your pot o' gold🙂


It was originally made as a hunt gift a few years ago and is now available to purchase.  :) 

I hope you all have a fantastic St. Patrick’s Day if you party on that day LOL  And even if you don’t😉

Be on the lookout for a Big back in business release next month!🙂

❤ you guys!


Posted by: anipants | February 22, 2011

Anddd another :)

Ok as of this post I officially have only ONE more LETTER to go!  Woooo LOL  Not that I don’t enjoy doing them, I actually do.  It’s just been a lonnnng time coming and I feel bad that so many asked while I was gone.  X is the last to come and it should be done w/in a week if that🙂

Today I’ve got U for yoU ;P

SM - U is for ...

I’m trying to decide how many new sets to do before I go live again.  I have a full notebook of ideas that I never finished from years ago as well as new ideas I jotted down in the last few weeks.  I’m not sure what will feel good to me but I must have more than just letters when I do LOL  Ok, I’m rambling.  Time to go back to work LOL

❤ Ani

Posted by: anipants | February 16, 2011


Ok so I was trying to save the new sets I’m making for one big release (which I still kinda am) but I decided to post them as I finish one or two for those of you who read the blog as a sneak peak sort of thing lol

I’ve got two more (of four) that I needed to finish the ABC’s letter line :)  I got so many requests to finish the set and I am FINALLY on it.  Better late than never? lol

Two more in the ABC’s Line!  Modifiable and adjustable to any Av body.  They also come with 3 custom poses (each) that are menu driven🙂

They are available at my temp main spot on MudHoney and Juicy.

❤ Ani

Posted by: anipants | February 12, 2011

Valentine’s Day <3

Hi Cubes🙂

Though I’m still not ready to do the big release I thought I’d post a little reminder about the lovey sets I have out, just in case you needed a different idea for a Valentine’s Day gift or photoshoot🙂

How much do you love me?  THIS MUCH!  Say it big!😉

Comes with 11 poses!  That’s a lot o’ love lol :) 

I also have a freebie in world that I made exclusively for the Love/Hate blog a couple of years ago.  Most people don’t know it exists and you can only find it in one place in world. 

Love/Hate Freebie Exclusive

It’s heart themed and perfect for this time of year :)  Click Here to find it.


Posted by: anipants | February 10, 2011

Is this thing on…

:::Looks around:::  

:::Wipes the dust off of the furniture :P:::

Cubes?… CUBES!!!  HI!

Ok, so as you can see I’m still a huge dork lol  and I’m back🙂

I haven’t made any announcements to my group yet (hopefully there’s still someone left :P) but I am working dilligently on updating all of my stuff and getting it loaded back on Xstreet.

I plan on doing a HUGE “Welcome Back” release and of course, I plan on having a gift for those of you that stuck with me even when I fell off of the face of the Earth lol

I did recently put out one of the few letters I was still missing in the ABC’s set yesterday.  Pic is below:

I will add this into my releases when the big one comes but it is available now in a vendor at my temp main spot on MudHoney🙂

I missed you all and I’m really glad to be back doing the dork as I do LOL

❤ you all!


Posted by: anipants | July 18, 2009

Slice of Summer Hunt!

Hi Cubes🙂


As usual I am a procrastinator and waited until the last night before a hunt to get the prize done LOL!  I am very happy with the result though and I hope you are too🙂


It seriously cracks me up and I think you’ll have fun with it!  It was inspired by a Slip and Slide!  Yep, that’s right it comes with moving parts and all :)  Boogie boards, a tummy slide and sprinklers with water sounds! lol


Here is what you will find in my melon:


SM - Slide n Slip!

SM - Slide n Slip!



Be sure to read the instruction card inside the box when you get it🙂


Have fun and I can’t wait to see your pics using this one LOLOL


❤ Ani

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